Samsung S5560 Provides the Latest Technology With a Reasonable Price

The Samsung S5560 is this Korean manufacturers latest entry into the touch screen cell phone industry. This phone joins the ranks of the iPhone and other popular touch screen cell phones that are the latest trend in the cellular communication industry. This new creation by Samsung has some very interesting aspects that may help it be a contender in the touch screen market.

The Samsung S5560 is being introduced as a phone directed at those individuals who want the benefits of touch screen technology within a budget package. Considering the overall shape of the economy this could very well prove to be beneficial to Samsung. It places on the market a cell phone that implements the latest technology without having an outrageous price.

The features on the Samsung S5560 are equal to those being offered on other products that are situated at the top of the smart phone pricing index. This phone is sure to be a true attention getter among the younger crowd that wants technology without price. This may help Samsung utilize a market segment that is known to drive industry trends.

The consumer gets the features they have come to expect with quality cell phones. There is a full realm of multimedia capabilities that include such features as video and audio players. These features have become expected on touch screen phones and Samsung provides these players with user friendly controls that make selecting your favorites easily at their fingertips.

There is also a stereo FM radio that has RDS and Bluetooth capability, which is compatible with wireless stereo headphones. There is also a headphone jack that makes it possible to plug in directly to the phone, which makes this cell phone a great way to hook up to your favorite tunes while jogging or walking without needing to carry anything besides your cell phone.

The Samsung S5560 is powered by a lithium ion battery that has the ability to provide over 9 hours of talk time between charges. This battery provides almost a full month of standby time. This means that you can leave home without the charger for an entire weekend and possibly be able to get away with leaving your charger behind.

A touch screen phone would not be a high quality cell phone if it did not implement the Touchwiz technology. This phone includes the Touchwiz interface on its operating system. This provides user friendly handset navigation with seamless ease.

This phone would be a decent entry into the cell phone market at almost any price, but the fact that this phone has been geared to fit the budget conscious consumer’s needs makes it that much more of a value. The fact that all of this is accomplished with high quality screen imaging implemented means that Samsung has provided photo capabilities of other precuts on the high end of the pricing spectrum.

The overall impression of the Samsung S5560 is that it is priced right and provides many of the capabilities of higher priced phones. This means that the technology that has been out of the reach of the budget conscious is now well within reach. Samsung has provided a smart package that should attract many consumers.

Smart Accessories for Your Latest Technology Gadgets

Most of us are clinging into our new and expensive Apple gadgets; the new iPad, the latest iPhone, and iTouch with insane memory space. We all enjoy its features and we benefit from it every single day. Apple has seen a number of competitions in the market, but a lot would agree that the titan in technology companies still stands atop.

It’s a growing obsession and an expensive hobby for someone to have a collection of Apple gadgets. For one, these devices have an average price of more or less $400, depending on the GB of memory space that it would have. But despite of the emergence of similar and more affordable gadgets in town, a lot would still prefer Apple simply because it’s not chasing the standards for advanced technology; they setup the standards. Not to mention Apple is the forerunner of the touch technology that revolutionized and changed the game totally.

Apple’s latest technology gadgets accessories

Because of the fact that Apple is widely popular among consumers, may it be businessmen, students, professionals, or the average citizen, a few have ventured into making accessories for Apple devices. It’s a good idea knowing that the consumer’s obsession with these devices would also include how to preserve them and add accessories to make it look better.

Gone are the days when iPad cases were those boring black leather cases, rough bags, and sturdy plastic cases that only absorb and trap too much heat. In Japan, the made a creative accessory for your latest technology gadgets. It’s not just a plain iPad case that you can use for your gadget, but it also comes with a built in keyboard that makes it more convenient to use. With this accessory, you can turn your iPad into a MacBook Pro. This accessory is reported to work fully for iPad 2, and still needs confirmation if it will work on the latest iPad.

This keyboard case connects to the device via Bluetooth, and it features a USB port and a mini USB port. It also has a built-in Lithium Polymer battery that charges the iPad while you’re using it. Now that’s pure convenience. This case is priced $75, but is still in distribution within Japan. But it won’t take much time before it hits the U.S. shores.

You might have seen the most expensive iPhone cases out there that only serve as, a plain casing. No more, no less. But one iPhone case offers more than a reliable protector to your beloved device. A year ago, BoxWave offered the keyboard buddy iphone case, but because iPhones were not that so popular it was merely ignored. But today, consumers take full benefit of this one of a kind accessory. It connects via Bluetooth, just slide down the QWERTY keypad, and you’re good to go.